These Before And After Photos Prove What Love Does To Transform A Rescued Dog

It’s always amazing to see the complete transformations of animals after they are rescued, whether it be from a shelter or from the streets! Here are 12 dogs who’ve gone from abandoned to adored!

“Two months after we adopted her, she’s can’t stop grinning.”


“Before and after of my rescue, sweet pea! … it’s amazing how much a good home and some loving will do”

“This is Liza T. Bear. I adopted her from local rescue org … She’s the best friend a girl could have.”


“Before and after adoption. There was a happy, lovable dog hidden behind all that fear.”


“Every day is a new day for her, and when she comes out of her crate in the mornings she just runs around and jumps because she is so happy to still be at our house … she has changed my life completely.”


“Before and after being adopted”


“He was found dumped on the side of a road crying at all of the cars that went by. Can’t imagine him being that sad now!”


“Meet Coconut. What a difference three months can make!”


“My girl before and after”


“Sunshine, another great “before and after”.


“Before and after being adopted”


“3 months before and after. They hardly look like the same critters!”



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