A Lifelike Bear Sleeping Bag Is A Must-Have For Your Next Camping Journey

A Japanese artist has designed this brilliant lifelike bear sleeping bag that looks like the coziest thing we’ve ever seen.

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Who knew that being eaten by a bear could be so warm and snuggly?

Creator Eiko Ishizawa was inspired by an Italian bear named Bruno, who lost his bearings in the Alps and caused quite a bit of havoc for people in Bavaria.

lifelike bear sleeping bags

Bruno was unfortunately put to sleep by the authorities, so Eiko made a sleeping bag to honor the bear.

The super-luxurious sleeping bag can be zipped up to make it appear your household contains a sleepy bear snoozing on your bed.

lifelike bear sleeping bags

“I can bearly keep my eyes open.”

Sadly, the bear bag is made-to-order and costs an astounding $2,350.

lifelike bear sleeping bags

Quality false bear teeth don’t come cheap, you know.

But that seems a reasonable price to pay when you think of all the fun you could have with this in nearby forests.

lifelike bear sleeping bags

Or in towns. Or in your front garden. Or camping. Or in school. Or maybe even among the other bears…

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