Adorable Baby Sloth Is Rescued Just In The Nick Of Time

Coyote Peterson, is an animal expert, adventurer, conservationist, and host of the show ‘Brave Wilderness.’ He has seen many different kinds of animals in his day, but none as cute and tiny as this adorable baby sloth!

Brad is a rescued three-toed sloth, who resides at Kids Saving the Rainforest, a sanctuary in Quepos, Costa Rica. The adorable animal was found abandoned and brought to the sanctuary for rehabilitation. When he is healthy enough, he will be released back into the wild.

baby sloth rescue

Brad is smaller than most baby sloths. The staff believes that he was malnourished while he was in the wild, and that is probably the reason he fell out of a tree. The sanctuary will provide him with the proper nourishment that he needs to grow big and strong!

baby sloth rescue

Sloths are amazing creatures with many unique characteristics. Although they are called three-toed sloths, their front feet are actually their fingers. They use three claws to help them climb around in the tree tops.

baby sloth rescue

Sadly, sloths become victim to predators, but every once in a while you have a human that comes along and finds a sloth first and they end up at a place like Kids Saving the Rainforest to be rehabilitated.  Here they are taken care of, and given lots of love and nourishment, and eventually released back out into the wild,” Peterson said in the video.

baby sloth rescue

In a few months, Brad will be back out there in the rainforest with the other sloths!

Watch Peterson come face-to-face with Brad in the video below. He’s the cutest sloth in the world!


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