You Will Adore This Baby Elephant And What He Does With These Visitors, So Adorable!

Elephants are some of the most beautiful creatures. They’re so big, yet so mellow, and hopefully gentle if you find yourself near one.

There are so many stories proving that these creatures usually want no harm to anyone else, like these playful elephants trying to make friends with this little dog. Even the fact that they can be put to sleep by a lullaby says a lot about them, don’t you think? When this young man and his friends come across a baby elephant, their cameras are immediately whipped out to get the interactions on tape. The elephant seems to have a first instinct that you wouldn’t expect, and this man doesn’t take the elephant’s first move too seriously, that’s for sure. He seems to want to give this elephant some love and hugs, but will a baby elephant let that happen with a human? It’s definitely happened before.

Once you start watching this video, you won’t want to stop! This guy is definitely lucky he found this little guy, but he better be careful because if it was any bigger, he might have been squished!

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