This Adorable Baby Elephant Follows His Rescuer Everywhere, And Has No Boundaries!

Baby Moyo was found when he was only a few days old. He lost his family when crossing a river and almost drown  and he was of course frightened,  He was brought to Wild Is Life, where Roxy Danckwerts, the sanctuary’s founder, became his new mom and did everything for him.


When Moyo was still very small, he used to follow Danckwerts around her house, never wanting to let her out of his sight. Moyo is now 14 months old and still loves and continues to follow   Roxy everywhere .


Moyo isn’t exactly aware of how big he has become,  and appears to think he is a coach elephant…


… or how strong he is , as everything is in danger when he is near…




Little Moyo is an expert at rearranging  everything in the house…


.He will forever follow Ms. Roxy.

Check out the full video of  little Moyo and his rescuer below:


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