7 Animal Couples Who Really Know How To Keep The Spark Alive

Having trouble getting closer to your partner? Take a tip from these couples from theanimal kingdom, who know a thing or two about romance.



The guys go all out to impress ladies under the sea. Male seahorses actually carry the babies —how nice would that be for us humans?  Female seahorses visit their hubby daily, hold his fin, flirt, engage in some snout-on-snout kissing and even change colors for them. Talk about pampering! But, before all of this even happens, the seahorses engage in a courtship dance that can last up to eight hours!



They spend more than 10 years learning the art of courtship before even taking on a mate. Now, that’s die-hard romance. Dating in the albatross world involves a lot of dancing and the albatross will go through many dance partners before settling on the right one. Afterwards, each couple uses their mating dances to develop their own unique form of communication with one another. It’s the language of love!



Black vultures are monogamous for life,  so they never have to worry about someone swooping in to steal their partner.   Vultures will attack outsiders for attempting to mate with an already paired-off female.



The appropriately named lovebirds begin searching for a life partner shortly after birth.  Most settle down by the time they’re 2 months old. They’re famous for their love of cuddling and dancing to impress. Once their children are born, the father spends his days hunting down food to prepare breakfast-in-nest for his wife , what a true romantic!



Our animal ancestors have more in common with us than you might think. Bonobos are one of a few species that mate while face-to-face. They also engage in open-mouthed kissing, another rarity in the animal kingdom.  These guys have some overprotective mamas who aren’t afraid to throw down in a fight.



The bowerbirds must’ve spent a lot of time around humans because they’ve picked up this habit, and it works wonders. Male bowerbirds construct magnificent towers of twigs, grass and nuts to attract females, and even gift them with colorful pieces of trash lying around.  That’s not all: The males also engage in a pretty sexy jig to swoop ladies off their feet.



Bowerbirds aren’t the only animals who’ve mastered the art of gift-giving: Penguins know their ladies like a big rock to show off to their friends — and these guys take it a little literally. Male penguins will search for hours for the perfect smooth stone to woo a lady with, and they’ve even been known to battle it out with other males over the perfect rock. If she likes his present, they’ll become mates for life.


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