Busted!!! 25 Pets Get Caught Doing Something They Definitely Should Not Have Been Doing…

Pets are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.  And they know when they are guilty for their bad behavior.   Here are some pets that are guilty and got busted!

1.” What?”


2. ” I found it like this!”


3. “The box popped open and it spilled on me”!


4. “There’s definitely no dead mouse under here…”

"There's definitely no dead mouse under here..."

5. “At least we are honest?”

At least he's honest.

6. ” I don’t how this got on the floor, Do you?”


7. “I’m not looking!”

Is this the cat version of a peep show?

8. ” I wasn’t digging a whole!”

"Digging? <em>Never</em>!"

9.  “These blinds attached me while I was sleeping!”


10. “I swear, I wasn’t near the trash can.”

"Tom, I swear I didn't touch the trash can!"

11. “Here bunny attacked and scared me!”


12.  “Please don’t put me in jail…I have a wife and a family!”


13. “I love you…”

"I know. I'm in trouble. I'm sorry."

14. “What, what are you looking at?”


15. “They asked me to come and play.”

"I was just about to clean it!"

16. “Wait, I can explain.”

"WAIT! Let me explain!"

17. ” I was just holding this for you.”


18. “Have a seat and I will tell you everything it did.”

"Sit down. I'll tell you everything."

19. “You see…I was about to fall and this is the only thing that saved me. Really!”


20. “I found it here, lying on the floor, really.”

"It's just catnip!"

21. “I am just watching over them!”

"I need help. I can't control my urges."

22. ” I bet you think I got what I deserved, don’t you?


23. “I though you said go take a bath?”

"What's that? This <em>isn't</em> the bath?"

24. ” I was helping you clean the dishes.”


25. “It must of jumped out of the trash mom.”


Should we lock these criminal animals up and throw away the key?  We will give them a break due to cuteness and let them slide, just this one time!!!


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