Fifteen Adorable Animals And Their Scary Thunderstorm Routine

Thunderstorms are just a part of nature, but can be pretty scary for your pet.  Thankfully us humans are very brave for the pest we love and keep them safe!

  1. “Did you hear that?”

"Oh hey, uh, did you hear that?"

2. “Sorry, you can’t use the dishwasher right now.”

"You can't run the dishes. It's a matter of life and death."

3.”Sorry you can’t use the shower right now.”

"Your shower's gonna have to wait until the Earth shower is over."

4. “My bear will tell me when it’s over.”

"I can't even look. Tell me when it's all over, Hedgie."

5. “Tell me when it’s over, and I will be right out.”

"Ack, if you found me maybe the thunder will too!"

6. ” I am so safe here.”

"Yep, I'm totally shielded from any harm."

7. “Welcome to my new home.”

"Well, guess I live here now."

8. “Please do not start.”

Maybe he thinks it's a weather escape pod.

9. “Go find your own spot.”

"Sorry, this is my hiding spot. Find your own."

10. “Please act like I’m not here.”

"Oh, don't mind me...nasty weather we're having, huh?"

11. “My hat will protect me head from getting struck”.

Orange peels protect you from all harm. Everyone knows that!

12.”This is my snuggle buddy.”

Thunder buddies for life.

13. “Please don’t let me go.”

"You won't let it get me, right?"

14. “Are there any more cushions please”?

"I think we could use a few more cushions."

15. “Tighter, Tighter, please!”

She won't let go until the sun shines again.

We hope you enjoyed this adorable photos and always help your pet during thunderstorms.  Please share with your loved ones and fellow animal lovers!