15 Adorable Cats And Dogs That Are Really Enjoying Bath Time

1. Blissful


2. “Shower on please!”

"Shower on please!"

3. I have to have my ducky.

It's not bath time without a rubber ducky. 4. Can I come in now?

"Can I come in?"

5. Oh yeah, that’s the perfect pressure and temperature!

"Oh yeah, that's the perfect temperature. Not too hot, not too cold."
6.That feels so good.
"Never stop."
7. Perfect little drops!
It's like a water fountain, but with lots and lots of drops to choose from.

8. I just had my hair done.

"Don't wanna mess up my 'do."

9.. This is the perfect temperature.

"I love a good hot tub session, complete with a warm towelette."

10. Rain drops on my body!

"I love rainwater showerheads -- they really bring me back to nature."

11.  I love it!


12. Perfect pressure.

One of those weeks, huh?

13. I never want to leave!

"I could live in this tub."

14. Tiny Bubbles!

"All the bubbles. All the warm. All the scrubs."

15.  Oh yes, keep scrubbing!

Okay, this guy's starting to freak me out.

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