29 Animal Smiles You Cannot Resist

Imagine coming home from a hard day and seeing one of these delighted faces waiting for you.

1. This Goose
“I’m so excited you’re home from work!”
smiling animalstumblr.com

2. This Baby Lamb
“I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Is that a new haircut?”
smiling animalstumblr.com

3. This Fish
“I can’t believe it! It’s been ages! Tell me about your time travels!”
smiling animalstumblr.com

4. This Seal
smiling animalstumblr.com

5. This Anteater
“Don’t just stand there, you silly. Bring it in for the real thing.”
smiling animals

6. This Dog
“Ohboyohboyit’syoumyfavoritethingletsrunaroundmyfavoritethingpleaseloveme.” And you’re like, “I know.”
smiling animals

7. This Cat
“You’ve lost so much weight!”
smiling animalsfunnyanimalworld.net

8. This Raccoon
“I thought you were dead!”
smiling animalsthewallpapers.org

9. This Squirrel
“I don’t even remember why we were fighting.”
smiling animalscdn.attackofthecute.com

10. This Chimpanze
“I’m so happy to see you! And I’ve totally forgotten about the time you forgot to invite me to your Bar Mitzvah.”
smiling animalscdn.attackofthecute.com

11. This Llama
“I’ve been waiting all day for you! I even carved your name in the snow! I can’t spell though, so it kind of just looks like a foot.”
smiling animalst.wallpaperweb.org

12. This Cat and This Owl
“You complete us.”
smiling animalsblogger.com

13. These Dogs In This Car
“We don’t even care that you left us in the car while you went shoe shopping WE’RE SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK GIVE US KISSES!”
smiling animalstumblr.com

14. This Pig
“You are like a drink of cool water, friend.”
smiling animalswordpress.com

15. This Turtle
“Sooooooo niceeeeeeeee tooooooooo seeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.”
smiling animalstumblr.com

16. This Otter
“It’s like my birthday and Christmas and the first day of summer all rolled into one!”
smiling animalsfree-hdwallpapers.com

17. This Initially Terrifying But Very Friendly Shark
“Don’t worry, I’m a vegan. Put on the tea, I have stories!”
smiling animalsssrfanatic.com

18. Also This Dog
“My face hurts from smiling at the sight of you.”
smiling animalscrystalkiss.com

19. This Owl
“Whooooo’s better than you?”
smiling animalswall321.com

20. This Snuggly Cat
“Where have you been all my life?”
smiling animalsjesad.com

21. This Siberian Husky
“It’s been almost seven years since we parted at El Paso. You didn’t even say goodbye. Gwendolyn said I was foolish for dreaming you’d return, but look at us now. Together again. I’m so happy I could lick you, you silly human. I could just lick you. Dreams come true.”
smiling animalsblogger.com

22. This Sea Lion
“Stop it! You know I’m ticklish!”
smiling animalswall321.com

23. This Puppy With A Rose
“I wanted to look my Sunday best for you.”
smiling animalsfunkidos.com

24. This Panda
“My three favorite things are eating, sleeping, AND YOU.”
smiling animalsblogger.com

25. This Baby Elephant And These Birds
“We’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more you!”
smiling animalsblogger.com

26. This Polar Bear
“I wrote a poem for you. Would you like to hear it?”
smiling animalsfiles-cdn.formspring.me

27. This Baby Walrus
“You. You got what I need.”
smiling animalsbristolwood.net

28. This Otter
“And you brought snacks!”
smiling animalssphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net

29. And This Dog
“Walk me. Walk me like your french dogs.”
smiling animalsfunkidos.com

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