They Couldn’t Believe What They Had Found, 91 Of Them, Total Heartbeat…


In the last year and a half, Stephanie Timko and her group of fellow rescuers have found 91 animals, dumped along a stretch of road in southeast Dallas.

There were also evidence  of other animals such as cats, goats, sheep, horses, and roosters.  Timko instructed that they take photos, collect evidence, and  look for patterns, they ask law enforcement to get more involved.  Some were likely alive when their owners left them, other had been stabled and abused then died after being hit by cars.


Only a very few animals were able to survive. Timko told us that she recalls a lucky dog who’d been left on this stretch Dowdy Ferry Road locked in a crate he was near-bones, but made it, and “was adopted last year.”

Tragically, it’s not always animals they find. One of Timko’s associates, Jeremy Boss, uncovered the body of Marisol Espinosa, a 34-year-old mother, on one of the group’s weekly searches for dead dogs.

On Saturday the group put up a memorial to these lost lives: 91 flower pots containing 91 crosses, each pot had the date an animal was found, to line the road where these animals were discarded, and discovered.

“For us, we feel these animals need to be memorialized, need to be remembered,” said Timko.


The city recently have started to find, and stopping, those responsible for this horror. The Dallas Morning News praised these efforts  but said it’s not enough. The city should, among other things, dedicate resources toward establishing an animal crimes unit, and a city-wide protocol for handling these cases.


More than 100 people came to be apart of Saturday’s memorial . Timko says she was pleased to see folks from all parts of the community.


According to the Dallas Morning News, she said:

Love is really the goal here. It seems like humans forget about love, but dogs love easily and stubbornly.

Love is getting dirty while searching for the lost and forgotten.Love is standing up for animals who are being broken and dumped.Love is what you’re doing today.


Timko is feeling “cautiously optimistic” that things may improve.

“We’re not going to give up the fight,” she said.

We are happy to say the number of dead dogs found on this one stretch seems to be going down a bit  although the concern is that this doesn’t represent an actual decline in dumping; rather that the dogs and others are perhaps being dropped elsewhere in the city.

After meeting Saturday, to unveil the 91 crosses for the animals, and the one for Marisol Espinosa, the team got another call. Someone, in a different part of town, had found another dead dog.

And the next morning, Boss found an emaciated dog just off Dowdy Ferry Road. The dog was skin and bones, and very sweet.

“One of the skinniest dogs I’ve rescued,” said Boss. “I’m hoping he holds on.”


This clip from Jeremy Boss’ documentary is very graphic and may be hard to watch:


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