They Found Her Scared And Starving, Luckily An Angel Stepped In

Cartagena is a beautiful, beachside city on the coast of Colombia.  It is known for its colorful architecture and wonderful food, it’s no wonder the tourism industry is growing by the minute.

But no matter how many people came tp this beautiful playas, there are still those who are never notices and detected.

Saori is one of those creatures.

When a local was walking along a popular beach, she noticed a severely malnourished dog sitting in front of the police station.


Sadly, begging for help, no one paid her any attention or seem to even care.

That’s when Violeta Barrero stepped up and put out a desperate plea for action.

Luckily, Cartagena Paws, a local rescue, saw her Facebook post and shared it, asking for help to save her!

“Could someone with a car please help us, we need someone who is willing to drive us to Playa Blanca to pick up this poor dog up and bring him to the clinic. I will never understand how people can go to Playa Blanca and see a dog in such a horrible state and continue to eat their lunch and not even share a bite of food with the dog. It is inhumane!

Thankfully, they found a car to pick Saori up and quickly brought her to the shelter and had her examined.


After a medicated bath and a much-needed checkup by a vet, you can see just how emaciated  Saori is.


When rescue workers first offered her food, she refused to eat which is one of the signs of severe starvation.


But after they gave her some fried chicken, her appetite slowly picked up and she seem to perk up!


After a few days, she began to trust humans finally.


Even eating straight out of people’s hands!


She’s still has a long way to recovery.  Here she’s on an IV drip.


But with some love and care, we know Saori will be a beautiful, healthy girl in no time.


What a great New Year’s gift.  Just a few days ago, Saori was alone, living on the streets.  Now she’s now has people who want to help her, love her, and make her happy!

If you’d like to contribute to Saori’s cause, you can donate to Cartagena Paws here. She’s sure to need all the help she can get.


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