What Every Home And Pet Owner Should Have

Every Pet Owner Needs This On The Outside of Their Home
Imagine with me for a moment this horrifying, but very possible scenario: Your house erupts in flames while you are not home. The fire department responds, but after a quick sweep of the home, they find no people inside. Little did they know that your dog(s) or cat(s) were terrified and hiding out of view!This is one of those things that we simply don’t think about.In talking with our own friends and families, we realized how simple of a solution there was to this problem. When we began to show people these stickers, the response was “Wow, I’ve never even thought about that!” Please friends, make sure emergency responders know there are furry family members inside your home in need of rescue! PLEASE CONSIDER PURCHASING STICKERS FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WITH PETS! Nothing says I’m thinking of you more than showing care for their pets. As with all of our products, each purchase will help animal shelters provide nutritious food for dogs waiting for their forever homes. Stickers made from UV and weather resistant vinyl.



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