Abused Puppy Stumbled Into The Right Backyard On Christmas Day

This severely abused puppy stumbled into the right backyard on Christmas day. The poor dog had his muzzle taped shut and both of his back hips broken, but somehow he managed to crawl to find help.

“Friends and I were celebrating Christmas when a stray dog came into the back yard,” wrote a poster on reddit. “His mouth was taped shut and infected.”


The Good Samaritans named him “Chance” because of the way they found them. “My SO’s [significant other’s] mom left the gate open because she couldn’t figure out how to close it. It was so random, by chance. It’s why we thought the name was so appropriate.”


They rushed Chance to an emergency animal hospital in Michigan City, Indiana, and that’s when Sherri Christopher of Guardians of The Green Mile received a call from the vet asking if she would take responsibility for the dog, as he was going to have large medical bills. She immediately said “yes”.


The puppy is around 4 months old and got “Christmas” added to his name…Chance Christmas.

Based on the infection and necrotic tissue in his mouth, Chance probably had the electrical cord wrapped around his mouth for several days and his broken bones are consistent with someone having violently stomped on him.


“Despite his injuries and abuse, this is a happy, grateful dog that constantly wags its tail and is eating well,” Guardians of the Green Mile writes on Facebook.


Chance is currently hospitalized and has had one surgery. He will have further surgeries to repair his fractured bones and skin grafts to repair his mouth, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

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