Abused Husky Puppy Found In Trash Can With ‘Swollen Brain’ Makes Miraculous Recovery

On October 2, 2017, a 2-month-old husky was found abused and left for dead inside a trash can. He’d suffered traumatic blunt force to the head, and doctors had to put him into a medically induced coma.

But the husky named BB Bear completely shocked doctors by recovering from his injuries.

“This guy can now walk,” one of his doctors said. “Can he walk normally? Not yet, but he’s certainly on his way!”

The puppy was found with a fractured skull, likely from someone hitting him, and X-rays showed how swollen his brain was at the beginning of the month.

But with love, care, and faith from a team of doctors at the Phoenix Dog Cat Bird Hospital, the husky has pulled through. His fracture has now started to heal, and he’ll soon be able to eat and drink on his own.

BB Bear currently has a feeding tube. Although he’s blind, doctors are hoping he’ll regain his eyesight. His expenses have so far been covered by the shelter helping him as well as two other organizations. If you’d like to help BB Bear, you can click here to donate.

Rescuers were unsure if the husky would ever be able to get adopted, but with his miraculous recovery, he may be put up for adoption in a few months.

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