These 20 Pets Have A Freak Reaction When They See This For Their Very First Time

These 20 pets are experiencing snow for the very first time, and their reactions are just priceless!


1) "I got some!"

2. “How do you like my fancy booties”?

2) "I think I need some booties..."

3. “Is there something on my face”?

3) "Is it on my face?"

4. “OK, I have seen enough now”!

4) "I think I've seen enough..."

5. “What is they falling from the sky”?

5) "It's falling!!"

6. “I don’t…. I don’t get it.”

6) "I don't.... I don't get it."

7. “Help, it won’t let go!”

7) "Help, it won't let go!"

8. “Good thing we came prepared!”

8) "Good thing we came prepared!"

9. “Do you like my snow hat”?

9) "I'm not dressed for this."

10.  “It was bad. It was real bad.”

10) "It was bad. It was real bad."

11. “I’m out of here”!

11) "Nope, not for me. I'm done."

12. “Oh, the things I’ve seen…”

12) "Oh, the things I've seen..."

13.  “Where do I step, it’s everywhere”!

13) "OMG OMG OMG!!"

14. “I think I see where it’s coming from!”

14) "I think I see where it's coming from!"

15.  “How much farther??”

15) "How much farther??"

16. “Do I have snow on me anywhere”?

16) "Do I have any on my face?"

17. “Let me get that for ya!”

17) "Let me get that for ya!"

18.  “Do I look cold?”

18) "Do I look happy?"

19. “Pick me up, pick me up!”

19) "Pick me up, pick me up!"

20. “It wasn’t as bad as it looks…”

20) "It wasn't as bad as it looks..."


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