Witness The Incredible Images Submitted For The 2016 Sony World Photography Awards


Giovanni Frescura from Italy shared his image – of an eagle latching on to another as they battle in the snow – with the competition


Vladimir Cech Junior from Czech Republic managed to capture an image of this stunning tiger prowling through the long grass in India


Joanna Szewczyk from Poland took this eye-catching shot of a lone zebra strolling down a path leading towards mountains and dry land


Simone Cmoon from Switzerland sent in this incredible image of the stars, flowers and settled snow above The Bernese Alps


Kris Williams from the UK took an amazing picture of a starry night above a derelict farm surrounded by barley fields on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales


Govindarajan Venugopal from India submitted his image of zebras stood in a field during sunrise with rays seeping through the clouds


Henrik Spranz from Germany sent in his incredible image of a cute critter jumping up to reach wild berries for its lunch


Z Chen from China submitted an incredible still of the sunset around Viti, a bright blue crater in Iceland that is shaped like a love heart


Sheldon Bilsker from Canada published this photo of a Rufous Hummingbird, known for its amazing flight skills, in its natural environment


Taha Ahmed from India captured this neutral colored pelican and submitted the stunning imagery to the 2016 Sony Photography Awards


Michael Pachis’s incredible image shows a stunning bald eagle captured standing in the rain. The droplets splash against his feathers 


Eduardo Minte from Chile captured the spectacular moment the Calbuco Volcano – the third most active Volcano in Chile – erupted for the second time this year. The volcano had been dormant for the last 43 years until this April


Taha Ahmed from India also submitted this shot, which appears to show both grey-scale and colourful birds in flight at night-time


Amri Arfianto from Indonesia submitted this breathtaking image of a peacock spreading out its tail feathers to display the bright eyespots


Zay Yar Line from Burma shared this image of a fisherman ‘leg rower’ from Innlay Lake in Myanmar rowing his boat with his legs


These monkeys were caught having a soak in a hot spring during a light snow flurry in Japan by photographer Christopher Yeoh, Australia


Douglas Croft from USA captured the moment a gray whale and her calf glided silently through the kelp forests along the Californian coast


Antje Kakuschke from Germany snapped this image of hundreds of King Penguins standing together and looking in different directions


This short-tailed weasel was captured mid-air fleeing in the snow with a freshly killed vole – shot by Canadian photographer Stuart McKay

31194Sara Brudkiewicz from Poland captured a stag caught in the rainfall. The animal stands strong and has water falling from its antlers


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