18 Year Old Blind Dog Meets A Woman At The Shelter And Won’t Let Her Go

This senior Dachshund was dumped at the shelter when she meets a woman and doesn’t want to let her go. This 18-year-old blind dog just wanted to feel love again.

Muneca lost so much in her so much in life such as her home, vision and her family.  Now she wants to make a connection and be loved desperately.


That’s why when she met her very first person at the shelter, she didn’t want to let go. When Elaine Seamans visited Muneca, she immediately jumps into her arms!


John Hwang is a photographer that took the picture that caught the eye of a rescue group called Frosted Faces Foundation.


Muneca was taken to the veterinarian for a checkup and will then place her with a foster family with hopes she will find her forever home!


If you’d like to give this precious dog a permanent home to live out the rest of her life, check out the Frosted Faces Foundation for the adoption process.

It would be a blessing she so desperately wants.


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