A Man Makes A Shocking Discovery Inside An Aquarium That He Knew It Had To Be A Set Up

Matt Williamson was out looking for his own lost dog in Jackson, MS, when he stumbled across something so horrifying, he was still shaken up when the news reporters arrived on the scene.

Sitting on the ground near a ditch was a large aquarium, cemented shut. As Williamson got closer he noticed something was moving inside of it. When he realized it was two terrified pups locked in the tank, he immediately notified the authorities.

Someone clearly wanted these pups dead, and thought up this horrifying method of drowning them. While their plan thankfully didn’t work, the pups are still traumatized by the incident. As they sit in their pen at the Animal Rescue League, the pup with a dash of white on his nose protectively holds his paw around his sibling. They’re slowly recovering, and they’ll hopefully warm up to being around people soon so that they can go to homes where they’ll be loved unconditionally.

It’s shocking that there are still people out there who think it’s alright to do these horrifying things to dogs and other animals. The best things to do are to bring awareness to stories like this and to support animal rescues across the nation and beyond.

While these pups had a very scary start to their life, we can only hope that they’ll learn to love their life again. I have faith, do you?


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