A Heroic Man Dies Defending A Dog From Brutal Attack

David Lynn Krieger was a passionate animal lover and on December 11, 2015, the 53-year-old paid the ultimate price when he ran to the defense of a dog.

David saw a man brutally beating a dog in a parking lot outside of his work and decided to intervene. He went over and asked the man, later identified as 30-year-old Roy Thompson, to stop. The man turned around, pulled out a gun and shot David in the chest.

Sadly David lost his life.


Soon after, police arrested and charged Thompson with murder and for illegally carrying a weapon.

David, known to his friends as “Krockett”, was well respected and loved by those in Benton Charter Township in Michigan and his senseless death has shocked the community.

Neighbors remember David for his kindness, how he watched over them all, and his love of animals.


David and his wife Ashlie had two dogs of their own (both rescues), named Trout and Sophie.

Family members released a statement to the public saying: “Dave was the best friend a person could ever ask for. He was protective of his wife and his two fuzzy children. He was an animal champion and died trying to protect what his passion was, which was animals. He’s a true hero. He was passionate about family and friends and to him there was no difference.”

The dog that David tried to save survived the ordeal.

Family, friends, and strangers have been honoring David’s memory and sharing their thoughts online. Family friend Christine Wilke has also set up a GoFundMe to help the hero’s family cover funeral costs.

David will be remembered for his heroism and his legacy of love and kindness.

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