Homeless Dogs Are Scared Of Being Rescued Until They Realize They’re Going TOGETHER

Being brave is easier with someone you trust by your side. Hope for Paws, a rescue group in Los Angeles, California, got a call about two homeless pit bulls who had been living together in a truck yard for over six months.


A woman who worked in the factory next door had been feeding the pair, but when she found out she had to relocate, she contacted the rescue group to see if they could help the dogs.


Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope for Paws, went to the truck yard with hopes of saving the dogs, and brought along a team of volunteers from the U.S., U.K., Costa Rica and Australia.

“Once we secured the area, Lisa Chiarelli and Lisa Arturo joined me to try and corner the dogs,” Hagar told The Dodo. “The rescue was quite challenging because we always had to watch for our heads as we were under the trucks most of the time.”

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The team set its sights on the male dog first, who was later named Clark. Clark was clearly terrified of the newcomers to his makeshift home, but didn’t put up much of a fight. As scared as he was, he seemed to know that he needed to be rescued, and that these people were there to help.


Clark was shaking as his rescuers finally got a leash around him, but then someone reached out to pet him and he let him. He didn’t seem as scared after that.

Clark’s rescuers left him tied near the fence while they went in search of the female dog, whom they later named Lois. As soon as she saw Clark by the fence she went to him, but ran away again shortly after out of fear.

After a few minutes she eventually gave in and allowed herself to be rescued.


Lois was pretty scared, but as soon as she and Clark were brought together again, she calmed down.


“Both dogs showed zero signs of aggression they were just so scared, but also relieved,” Hagar said. “We brought Lois closer to Clark so they can have a positive experience with all of us, we just sat there for 30 minutes, discussed the names they will be given, and when I felt they were ready, we moved them to our cars so we can head to the hospital.”


The pups were transported to the vet in separate cars, and as soon as Lois saw Clark come in, she started wagging her tail like crazy. It was very clear to everyone that these two loved each other very much and that keeping them together would be the absolute best thing to do.

“After they received baths and medical care, they really started coming out of their shells, and now we really need help in finding them a loving forever home together,” Hagar said.

Lois and Clark are now waiting for their forever home, and will be adopted out together. If you’d be interested in adopting this adorable duo, you can contact LA Animal Rescue for more information.

Check out the full video of this incredible rescue below:


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