Meet Bubba, First Official Feline Student

Meet Bubba.

This is Bubba.

Amber Marienthal who lives in San Jose brought Bubba into her class in 2009.

Amber Marienthal of San Jose brought Bubba into her home in 2009.

Bubba loved hanging around the school, and received lots of attention from the students.

She quickly realized that the cat loved hanging around at the nearby school to get a little affection from the students.

By popular demand, they made Bubba an official student!

The kids liked Bubba so much that they eventually made him an official student.

He received his own student ID and also was on the cover of the schools newsletter.

He also snagged a coveted cover spot on the school's newsletter.

Bubba keeps a watchful eye on the classroom.

Bubba loves keeping an eye on his human friends.

Babba even checks on his locker!

And he sometimes makes his way over to the middle school to see what's going on!

Babba really loves spending time with his peers.

This cute kitty really loves spending time with his peers.

The students treat Babba like one of their own.

And they enjoy being with him, too.

He’s focused and pays very close attention.

This cat has made history as America's first feline student.

But he has to take a “cat nap” to make it through the day.

But all of that learning really tuckers him out.

Bubba enjoys going to school everyday and feels right at home there.

Bubba goes home from school every day, just like the other students.
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