You Will Not Believe What This Dog Finds While Out On His Daily Adventure. A TRUE HERO…

It wasn’t uncommon for Pui, a 2 years old pup to adventurous to leave his house in Thailand. And he would faithfully return home afterwards.

. One day, he found himself passing a roadside dump when a white plastic bag among the trash caught his eye. He began sniffing and pawing at the bag, realizing he’d made a shocking discovery.

Pui knew what he had to do. He carried the bag all the way back to his owner, barking loudly on the porch. His niece, curious what Pui was fussing about, opened the bag — only find a tiny newborn baby girl inside, barely alive but breathing. Her umbilical cord was still attached. What kind of monster could abandon their baby like this?

Pui’s owner rushed the baby to the hospital. She was in critical condition, having been born almost two months prematurely. After she was hooked up to an incubator, doctors were able to help the miracle baby recover.

Pui, of course, was hailed a hero. He received a special leather collar with a medal for his heroic deed. As for the precious baby girl, several families approached the Red Cross in hopes of adopting her.


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