“Mom I Just Wanted To Look Pretty Like You”!

This “cover dog” knows how to rock the look!


We don’t know much of her story, beyond a video posted on YouTube this week which begins with an anxious owner asking, “What did you do, Chloe?”


Darling innocent Chloe drops the half-chewed lipstick and backs away from the scene. All the while, she stares up at her owner wide-eyed: What, are you talking to me? And yes, she’s talking to you. You, with the lipstick all over your face.


At least Chloe seems to have survived her foray into the cosmetics scene. Unfortunately, it does happen more often than you might think. Internet forumsare positively abuzz with “help-my-dog-ate-my-makeup” freak-outs. And, in most cases there isn’t a lot to worry about. Unless, as petplace.com notes, your dog dives so far in, the object creates an obstruction in her digestive tract.

Here’s a list of cosmetics and household sundries that won’t hurt your dog if she happens to ingest a little.


We can’t recommend you ever knowingly let your dog play with makeup. Even if she has the good grace to ensure that her nails match her lips.


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