A Man Walking His Dog Couldn’t Believe What He Finds

A man notices something in the dirt while out walking his dog.

A man was out walking his dog when he noticed something in the dirt.

This French Mastiff was tied to a rock and  buried alive.

The French Mastiff had been buried alive and tied to a heavy bag of rocks to prevent her from freeing herself.

He and his dog began digging vigorously to free the buried dog.

The man and his dog began unburying the poor pup.

He immediately gave the dog water, he was so dehydrated.

He then gave the dehydrated Mastiff some water.

Once he was totally free, they took him to a veterinary clinic for treatment.

Fortunately the police found and charged the person responsible for such a horrible

and cruel act.

They took her to a veterinary clinic where she is expected to make a full recovery. And police found the individual responsible for the horrible act. He will be charged with animal cruelty.

This precious girl finally receives the love and affection she so needed and deserved!

They found this poor girl just in time. And it didn't take long for her to experience the love she deserves. :)

Thanks to Pedro Dinis, this story has a very happy ending!


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