See Why Everyone Is Talking About This Horse When He Is Born

Meet Microdave – who standing at just 18 inches tall could be Britain’s smallest horse.

At 12 days old, the American miniature stallion stands a full two inches shorter than Einstein who is recognised as the world’s smallest horse.

When the pocket-sized colt was born measuring a miniscule 12inches – the same height as a 2litre bottle of coke – he was nine inches shorter than the average American miniature foal.

Using his adorable size, Microdave runs rings around mum – Haysden Samber Tiddly – and owner Jen Baldwin-Murphy.

Jen, who owns Haysden Liveries near Tonbridge, Kent, said: “I still can’t believe how small he is.

“When I stand next to him his withers come way below my knee.


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