This Baby Toucan Has An Identity Issue, See What She Does!

Surprisingly some birds can actually make better pets than cats and dogs.  They are smart, clean, and tremendously affectionate.  Meet Ripley, she is all of these!

This one year old toucan, is most definitely a bird, but actually behaves more like a dog and it’s one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen. 

Meet Ripley. She’s a toucan, but believes she is a dog!


Riley loves to snuggle up and watch a movie.


E.T. is one of her favorite friends.


Just like a pup, she is very playful and frisky!


She also likes to “fetch” and bring her family surprises. 


She is a little clingy as times also.


And like any good puppy, she loves to play ball!


She also is a good “shoulder” bird!



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