30 Adorable Puppies In Celebration Of National Puppy Day

1. Everyone wants to meet the new puppy when he comes around.

2. Okay…maybe not everyone.

3. There’s no telling where one ends and the other begins!

4. I would pay good money to be in this backseat.

5. This silver dapple dachshund has puppy dog eyes for days.

6. “Where to, sir?”

7. I would do anything for this cutie…ANYTHING.

8. Can we all agree puppy bellies are the best?

9. Are you sure you’re not an ewok??

10. And you’re definitely a polar bear pup.

11. Okay, but seriously, you’re a polar bear baby, right?!

12. “I love the smell of whipped cream in the morning!”

13. Blue heeler puppies make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

14. “The other puppies were picking on me.”

15. “What if my classmates don’t like me??”

16. “I’m ready for my first day on the job!”

17. Being a pup is ruff.

18. “Don’t I know it!”

19. “Wake me up when we’re home.”

20. They’re always a handful.

21. This little guy’s blowout is going to be on point.

22. “We’re clear for takeoff…over and out.”

23. This little lady doesn’t even have to try to be cute.

24. “Big city life is exhausting.”

25. The first night with a new puppy is the best night.

26. “I brought you a flower, Ma!”

27. Puppy story time is a thing…and it’s amazing.

28. Their cute is definitely bigger than their bite.

29. I feel like this one was assembled wrong?

30. This is too much cute…TOO. MUCH. CUTE!

Okay, if you’re like me, you just passed out from cuteness overload!

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